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HX9332_05-RTP-global-001_lowresI love bright, white teeth.  White teeth makes your smile look better, gives you more self esteem, and makes you look younger.  White teeth changes people’s attitude and personality by making them look good and feel good about themselves. Pictures always look amazing when you have white teeth.  Teeth can discolor as we age, take medications and develop tartar and stains. One rule I tell my patients is “whatever stains your white shirt can stain your teeth”.  For example, broccoli and rice will not stain your teeth, but a blueberry or a glass of wine will.  If you drink coffee and tea, like myself you will develop stain.   A solution to this problem would be to invest in a sonicare toothbrush and a good quality toothpaste such as opalesence.  I love my sonicare, and I am the perfect example that it works. Come check my teeth out for yourself if you’d like.

How do you get white teeth you ask?  Excellent question.  If you are in rush, have a special event or need instant gratification, you can do a one hour dental office treatment. You can use custom dental whitening trays for an hour for a few days. You can brush daily with a professional quality whitening toothpaste such a opalensce and a sonicare toothbrush.  You can get crowns and veneers to achieve the exact shade, shape and size of your tooth. Everyones circumstances, committments and desires will be different so your local dentist can help you choose which treatment is best for you.

For the best results, you should do the combination of the three whitening processes.

1. One hour in office whitening.  This is to kick start the whitening process. It’s fast, convinient and you see the results right away.   The teeth are polished to remove stains and tartar, the gums are then isolated to be protected from the bleaching solution,   a solution of 28%-40% carbamide peroxide is place on the teeth for 3-4 intervals of 10-15 minutes.  Our bleaching solution is very concentrated so it cannot be done at home and it can burn your skin, eyes and mouth.

2. Take home bleaching trays.  Solutions range from 8%-20%. Every few weeks or months, you have to touch up, or re-whiten your teeth. Like dying you hair, you have to maintain the color. The trays are worn for about an hour per day and the bleach is placed only on teeth that are visible when you smile.  The gel should cover only your teeth.  If you place too much solution on the tray and it overflows to your gums, you can irritate the gums and cause yourself discomfort, so be careful not to get the gel on your gums. You will just be wasting your product.

3. The sonicare toothbrush with opalensce toothpaste.  Daily brushing twice a day with this toothpaste creates amazing results.

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Dr. Linda Ma DMD