Its very exciting and interesting when I meet new people and they find out I’m a dentist.  They either try to run away, ask ten thousand dental questions,  or cover their mouth.  Once in a blue moon, someone will say ” I love the dentist!”.  People either have bad experiences, are embarassed, self concious, or curious about their teeth.  Many people are unhappy and don’t like their teeth or smiles.  They tell stories of how bad their old dentist tramatized them or did something bad to them or how expensive it is.  People fail to realize that dentists help stabilize your teeth, make sure that your teeth are healthy and that you can smile till the day you die.

Dentistry has changed dramatically within the last ten years. We have digital x-rays, anesthesia, lasers, clear braces such as invisalign, dental implants,whitening and so forth. Dentists help people smile more by keeping teeth looking good, strong and healthy.  If you had a negative experience with a dentist, you should not let it discourage you from going to a great dentist. There are thousands of great dentists that will help you with the dental treatment you need.  It is also your responsiblily to take care of your teeth when you are at home. 

Let’s talk about expense. Dentistry is expensive when you do not take care of your teeth. What you are paying for is the cost to maintain your teeth.  Dental materials, dental supplies and the dentist’s and staff’s time is all part of maintaining your teeth. Once cavities and infection are removed, you are responsible to take care of your teeth.  Maintaining a healthy diet and excercise, and brushing and flossing are the keys to good oral health.  So simple, yet people blame the dentist for their dental problems. 

Dentists can help you achieve your goals, whether it is whitening your teeth, getting dental implants to replace missing teeth, straightening your teeth, cleaning your teeth and so much more.  The bottom line is that dentists are here to improve your smile and help you eat better. The final note is to remember to treat your dentist well.  Find a dentist who will listen and address your concerns.  He/she should be working on your behalf.

Dr. Linda Ma