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The waterlase is an innovative and advanced dental technology that revolutionized the way dental treatments and procedures are being performed. The waterlase is a dental laser, that has numerous clinical applications. The waterlase can do fillings without the need of the dental drill and dental anesthetics . Patients love the fact that they do not require dental shots.

The waterlase is used to zap ulcers, disinfect root canals, biopsies, frenectomies, gingival contouring, extractions, crown lengthening, uncovering dental implants, removing amalgam tattoos, remove tori and so much more. Our dental treatment is less painful, less traumatizing, and more comfortable for the patient. The laser provides easy and simple solutions for everyday dental needs. It’s great for fearful patients and kids.

Did you know we do 3D X-Rays in our office?


The Galileos is a 3 dimensional cone beam technology, used for accurate diagnosis of dental treatments. We are able to scan a patient in twenty seconds to produce 200 images that creates a 3D image with very minimal radiation. This image allows us to do implant planning and placement implants more accurately because we able to see more details than a regular dental xray. We are able to locate nerves, sinuses, airways and teeth in a predictable way. Other clinical applications include wisdom teeth extraction, sleep apnea, cysts tumor locations, periodontal disease and so much more.


CERECThe Cerec is a CAD/CAM technology used to make crowns in a single visit. The teeth are scanned digitally, a crown is designed through the computer, then milled in office with a glass ceramic or porcelain block. The crown is metal free, custom made, fits more accurately, and beautiful to the naked eye. The Cerec makes our crown procedure more aesthetic and more time efficient for the patient. The cerec allows the patient from not having to take an impression, wearing a temporary and saving the patient time from having to visit the dentist for a second time.


Our digital xrays decreases the radiation doses by more than half. The digital xrays save time and are more comfortable for the patient. It makes imaging convenient, and eliminates the darkroom, film and developing. Cross contamination and sterilization is less of an issue, and the image is instantly on the computer screen.