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Teeth WhiteningFor best results

  1. Brush teeth to make sure to remove all stains and plaque.
  2. Load tray- place a small drop on the front of the tray (smile surface only) from molar to molar, or where your smile ends.
  3. Insert trays- excess material around the gum line should be wiped off or remove because excess material can cause irritation or sensitivity. Wear times depend on the concentration of the the whitening product.

    Recommended were times are:

    • 10% 10 hours
    • 15% 4 to 5 hours
    • 20% 2 to 4 hours
    • 35% 30 minutes

    *if your teeth become sensitive at any time, discontinue use and resume in a couple of days. If sensitivity persist, then a fluoride or desentivity treatment will be recommended

  4. Remove whitening tray and brush teeth and clean tray. Remove excess gel off your teeth and rinse mouth. Try not to swallow gel solutions. Clean tray and store in the case that came with your kit
  5. Wear trays every night until you reach your desired shade. If wearing trays every night causes sensitivity, then wear every other night. After you achieve your desired results, you may touch up every week, month or couple of months as you feel necessary. To prolong the shelf life of your whitening gel, refrigerate your gel. Whitening is an ongoing process, so be patient and have fun while whitening.
  6. Every 6 months, get a basic cleaning to maintain your results.