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Missing teeth, dentures that move, not chewing your food well, not smiling in public? If you ever considered getting a dental implant, here is my top ten reasons to get a dental implant at Smile Innovations.

10. You want to eat better. You can chew more efficiently and properly. You will enjoy your meals. Get ready for steak and hard foods.

9. A dental implant will make you look and feel great. Missing teeth causes bone loss and premature aging. When you have a missing tooth, your bone shrinks, your face sinks in, becomes shorter and causes you to have more wrinkles because the skin will lose support from bone, muscle and tissue.

8. You will smile more! Our dental implants are placed aesthetically so it will look and feel very natural. No one will know that you have ever lost a tooth

7. You will have more confidence. You will not have to worry or feel embarrassed from having a gap or hole in your smile.

6. At Smile Innovations, we use top of the line dental implants. Our dental implants are custom made in Germany, are titanium and biocompatible with your body.

5. Dr Boyd Patummas is an awesome dentist. He is very well trained and knowledgeable in placing your dental implant. He is very charming, patient and polite.

4. We pride ourselves in using and learning the latest technology. We utilize a the Gallileos, which is a 3D scan which is used for computer guided surgeries. Your dental implant will be placed more accurately, precisely and safely. The 3D scan gives us more information than traditional X-rays.

3. Our dental Team is amazing. They are wonderful, knowlegdeable, and care about you.  They are intelligent, delightful are here to help you.

2. At Smile Innovations, we are committed in providing the highest quality dental care.  We pay attention to details and want our patients to be happy and smile all the time.

1.  We will help you will your dental goals and help you maintain good oral health. We are honest, care and listen to your needs. We appreciate everyone who supports us in doing our best.

By Dr Linda Ma DMD