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Linda1Is there something that you don’t like about your smile? Have you ever considered having straight teeth? Well, SureSmile is a clear alternative to braces. SureSmile is a series of clear trays that reposition teeth to make your teeth look straighter and better.

I am excited to say that I am currently in SureSmile. Hip hip hooray! I have had in braces twice in my life, and the third times a charm, right?  Most people who see me say “Dr. Ma, your teeth look straight already”. But I know that my teeth have repositioned itself. The first time I had braces was in 7th grade and the second time was 10 years later in dental school, and now 10 more years later, I am in SureSmile. And yes, I did wear my retainer AND I had a lingual bar on the backs of my teeth. Teeth will continually move throughout your life and the wire in the retainer will not last forever. If your body changes, your teeth will too!

I remember my metal braces in grade school because my teacher gave one of my classmates detention for calling me brace face. I remember looking goofy, food getting stuck in my braces and my lips and cheeks getting scratched from the wires. I carried wax with me to cover the areas where the wires would rub. I constantly brushed my teeth after every meal because food would be stuck everywhere. The second time, in dental school, I had clear braces.  I looked like a teenager. LOL

Treatment times for braces was 2 years each time, so being that I had braces twice, I spent 4 years of my life in braces. This time my SureSmile treatment time is six and a half months. Was I happy the first time in 9th grade when my braces were removed? No, my teeth were flared, straighter than before I had braces but not quite straight. My mom accused me of not wearing my retainer because the orthodontist said my teeth relapsed from not wearing my retainer. I did wear my retainer.  There are great orthodontists but not all of them have the same skill level. My orthodontist in dental school, however, was great. She made my teeth perfectly straight. But after a few years, my teeth shifted again. Now flash forward to the present time, I am in SureSmile. I love this product because it is very predictable. I have a short treatment time, it is barely noticeable and is very comfortable after you get used to it.

Having straight teeth is a constant battle, and maintenance is the key. SureSmile offers a retainer after treatment and should be changed every few years. SureSmile is a great way to align teeth, and can help most people. Come visit us to see if you are a candidate. I will help you align your teeth so that you will have a beautiful smile.


Dr. Linda Ma DMD